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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Access Vuclip Video allows the users to search for their favorite videos and audio files on their android devices. It is one of the most popular searching engines for the mobile devices. Once you found the video you were looking for, the application will automatically transcode it and adjust it to your mobile device so you can see it in real time. The program does not depend on any third party applications or modules to work or to process the videos. You can search for pretty much anything you want on the device including entertainment like sports, news, anime, babes etc. From the latest version the application features a new and improved interface for the Android mobile phones. Creating a favorite list is also possible for later viewing the selected videos without the need of searching them again on the internet. The functionality of this program includes the following:

- You can view the videos using different resolutions and quality depending on your internet connection and the mobile device you are using. This includes high resolution which is the best quality for that specific video as well, the possibility to watch certain videos in parts if the size is too big or the length is too long or just listen to the audio for that specific video if you are not interested in the pics and just want to hear the music.

- The videos that have been watched can be streamed by you further so all your friends can watch them as well. The streaming can be made using high resolution or just the required one so that your device does not have any performance issues while doing it.

- Once you watch the video you can add a like to it if you have enjoyed it by using the Like button or add the video to your favorite ones by using the Fave button.

- Comment on any videos you watch to express your opinions about them or flag the videos as inappropriate if the case calls for it.

- The Home button allows you to reset all your searches and return to the default Vuclip screen to make either new searches or check out your favorites and your comments.

- All these can be performed from your mobile device on the default Vuclip searching page and engine.

Vuclip Video Search: Watch your favorite videos on your phone

Vuclip's launcher puts videos just a click away. It's an easy way to access any video, any time on your phone! Search for any video on the web -- including great sports, news, anime, babes, and entertainment videos. Update: V1.1 - Check out Vuclip's cool new User Interface for Android phones!

System Requirements:

No special requirements

Access Vuclip Video 1.1 Free Download screenshot